About Us


My grandparents, Jean and Richard Nixon, started the business in 1984. The Au Gres Sheep Factory is a business born out of passion for natural fiber and a gift of a spinning wheel more than 30 years ago. Jean left a teaching career to raise a family and Rich left a tool and die design profession to take over the family farm. Jean, already an avid knitter, taught herself to spin, felt, and dye, and Rich began making spinning wheels. Richard sold the farm in 1999 andand began to travel with Jean full-time. They have allowed me the opportunity to work with and learn from them.


I am currently pursing my degree in business and in the process of learning the business to keep it going after my grandparents retire. I have been working with the business for the last 6 years and have been raised around the business all of my life. I am excited to take over the family business with the support from my faince, grandparents, and parents.